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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

*plonks bum down next to Blog*

Blog - *looks at Carol* 'Have you been away?'
Carol - 'Yes. We landed in Swindon. Did you not even get off the plane?'
Blog - 'No. I reckon I might be getting somewhere with that saucy bit of code over at The Arts and Crafts Emporium (ACE). She was telling me that the event went really well on Sunday night.'
Carol - 'It did...and there are still some pretty stunning makes available if you want to pop over to the album on their Facebook Page for a look' *pauses and raises one eyebrow* 'I can't believe you just stayed here flirting whilst I was off working!'
Blog - *ignores that comment* 'So, how was the exhibition?'
Carol - 'Fun...but a bit stressful'
Blog - 'Tell me about it.'
Carol - 'Well, we landed at a lovely venue called The Hop Inn. It used to be an old sex shop apparently but is now an independent pub who's owner, Jason, is not only utterly lovely but is very keen to support local artists so they have a rolling programme of exhibitions. He also introduced me to THE most wonderful Gin called 'Glorius'...I must remember to thank him for that! Anyhoo, I was invited to exhibit there starting at the beginning of this month and running through till the end of May when my work will be replaced by that of the very talented Caroline Day.'
Blog - 'That sounds really good'
Carol - 'It is! I spent all day yesterday in my studio trying to choose which pictures to take, framing the ones that needed framed and sorting out labels etc. I took 12 pieces in total but it wasn't enough to fill the space so I ended up back here last night framing another 6.' *looks at hand* 'My thumb is louping today!'
Blog - 'You've gone all Scottish on me. What on earth does louping mean?'
Carol - 'You are SO going to have to brush up on the Scottish vernacular! Louping means sore. Framing one or two pictures is fine but any more than that and you end up with a louping thumb' *holds up sore red thumb* 'You didn't notice any of this going on?'
Blog - 'Nope'
Carol - *rolls eyes*
Blog - 'So did you have enough pictures in the end?'
Carol - 'Yeah and I'm really pleased with how it looks. It's been a while since I did a solo exhibition and I learned a lot from the process -

1. Don't be afraid to ask questions - it's important you know what you need to bring.
2. Think about what you are going to need to show your work - have frames, picture hooks, twine for hanging, red dots to mark what's sold etc.
3. Less is not more so take more than you think you will need - you can always take it back home with you.
4. Make sure you have everything labeled and priced properly.
5. Have a biography prepared.
6. If you are going to be selling mounted prints then think about what they look like from the back (I didn't) and perhaps get backing board for them'

Blog - 'That's a good list'
Carol - 'I hope it helps someone else who is thinking about exhibiting or is about to. Some of it is obvious but when you are rushing about trying to pull everything together its very easy to forget things'
Blog - 'So, you got any photographs of this exhibition then?'
Carol - 'Yup. Here you are' *Hands Blog some photo's* 'Some corners were a bit dark so it's not all the pieces in situ but it will give you the flavour'


  1. Your art looks amazing in situ Carol. What great tips you have given. And as for Blog, well he seems a bit handsome lol 😁 xx

    1. Thank you lovely. I'm really pleased with how it looks...took a while but I think we got there lol. It would be wonderful if some sold but you never know with these things!

      The tips are pretty obvious but, as I said, it is very easy for all that sense to go out the window when the stress kicks in and your trying to pull everything together! I shall make a tick list next time!

      *whispers* I'm so not telling Blog that you think he's a bit handsome! He's already big headed...that will make him insufferable! lol.

      C x

  2. How exciting, great tips! Your work looks fantastic all together , I hope you're very proud :-)

    1. Awww, I am so glad that you think it's looking good. With your artistic eye, that means a lot! It's actually the first time I've seen all my work up in one place like that! My first solo exhibition was all very much in one style and my second featured illustrations from the book that was being launched so I've never seen the different 'strands' all up together. I am proud of how it looks...but it's also a bit weird lol! C x


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