Day 2 - 'Figures in Collage'

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Carol - 'Day 2 in the Big Brother Hous....I mean in the Figures In Collage course' *sniggers*
Blog - *looks at Carol* 'That's not funny!'
Carol - 'You just have a lousy sense of humour!' *rolls eyes* 'Anyway, want to see how I got on today?'
Blog - 'Yes. I've been wondering how you were getting on all day. Well, not all day per say...but a bit of it.' *thinks* 'Actually, when I say a bit I really mean...'
Carol - *interrupts* 'You really mean about five minutes ago when you realised that I wasn't sat next to you, wondered why and then remembered where I was?'
Blog - 'Erm...yeah...that' *grins and shrugs*
Carol - *rolls eyes* 'So today we consolidated everything we learned yesterday and applied it all to one large piece. I decided to work from one of our photo's of the Grand Palace in Bangkok cause I thought it would be interesting and a wee bit different to what I had done yesterday. It was challenging to say the least but I had SO much fun...till it got the point where I was ready to add in figures. Turns out I am fine at figures when they are on their own on a blank page but it's not so easy when they have to be inserted into a 'scene'. I got my knickers in a bit of a twist...' *looks at Blog* 'Not literally!' *sighs* '...over scale and how to make them look like they belonged rather than as if they had been plonked on. Tracey was brilliant, she talked me through the mistakes people tend to make, made lots of encouraging noises and then let me get on with it. I wasn't hugely happy with the central figure when we finished for the day but I attacked it when I got home and I think I might now be a bit chuffed with how it turned out'

Blog - 'Know what?'
Carol - 'What?'
Blog - 'I reckon that's not half bad for a first deserve a gin!'
Carol - 'We have gin?' *gets excited and goes off on the hunt for some Glorious Gin, a bottle of tonic and a slice of orange*


  1. It's great! I like that you used a personal photo from Bangkok.

    1. Thank you so much hon :-). I actually looked out a few photo's of places we had been in Thailand and was planning to ask Tracey her thoughts on which one would be best but that one was the only one that uploaded! (No idea why one did and the rest didn't!). So it was my computer that made the decision for me lol. (Probably just as well really...I would still be there trying to make a decision if hadn't!) C x

  2. I love that style - you're so clever to be able to do so many different things :-)

    1. Awww thank you hon. Not sure about clever...I just love learning new things! In this instance I had a very good teacher which really makes all the difference! C x


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