'Figures In Collage - Street View'

Monday, 11 April 2016

Carol - *yawns*
Blog - *looks at Carol* 'How come you're so knackered? What you been up to?'
Carol - 'I've been off learning stuff!'
Blog - 'I was wondering where you had got to'
Carol - 'I was in Cirencester today at the New Brewery Arts Centre'
Blog - 'Hang on! You went to a Brewery and you didn't invite me?' *shocked face*
Carol - 'Arts Centre. New Brewery ARTS Centre. There was no beer'
Blog - 'Oh. Ok. In that case you are forgiven. Continue'
Carol - 'Well the course is actually being run over two days by the very talented, and very lovely, Tracey Elphick. I thought you might be interested in hearing about how day 1 had gone.'
Blog - 'I am interested. Bet it's more exciting than listening to you waffle on about what page of the graphic novel you have reached!'
Carol - *looks at Blog*... *Thinks about hitting him on the head with her sketchbook*...*Decides she doesn't want to risk damaging the book*...*Ignores him*
Carol - 'We started with Tracey demonstrating how to create figures using abstract shapes torn out of magazines. She created the shapes and then with a dip pen, ink and a few lines she transformed them into people... it was incredible! This was my first attempt...

...and I created it without using any reference pics'
Blog - 'I quite like the kid and the woman with the bag but what is going on with that blokes trousers? The one on the left.'
Carol - *laughs* 'I have no idea! They are a bit...erm...odd. Still, I don't think that is too bad for a first ever attempt at creating figures. I'm trying very hard not to be too self critical...everyone needs space to learn and make mistakes. I do think my second attempt was much better...although the figure on the left makes me think of my Gran Molly. I'm not sure why...something to do with the coat and hair I think.'

Blog - 'Much better. I can see that you're starting to get a feel for how they work. Not sure your Gran would be flattered by that comparison though!'
Carol - 'No, I'm not either!' *laughs* 'Anyway, I decided at this point that I might be better to try creating the figures using an actual reference photograph which is what most of the others had done. I, apparently, enjoy making life difficult for myself so was creating these folks out of my head. It was sooo much easier with a reference photo'

Blog - 'Oooh. Even I'm a bit impressed.'
Carol - 'I was really really pleased with how this one turned out. And do you know what? I loved every minute of it! Even though I've always been a bit scared of drawing people and even though there were bits where it all went a bit wonky...'
Blog - *nudges Carol* 'You're a bit wonky
Carol - *looks at Blog* 'I'm going to take that as a compliment!'
Blog - *laughs*
Carol - 'So the next part was to practice creating backgrounds for the figures. Tracey took us through how she creates her wonderful city scenes and then we were let loose to create our own. Under her expert guidance we layered newspaper, sheet music and old sewing patterns, we created buildings using blocks of colour and a roller, we added ink and sprayed it with water, we painted in the sky and then used black and white lines to differentiate the buildings. The final stage, to kind of bring it all to together, was to use additional collage elements and the dip pen to create the final bits of detail but I ran out of time. I did take photo's of the photo's I was working from so that I can go back and finish them. These are what I created.'

Blog - 'Yup, they look like buildings to me' *winks* 'I like the telephone box'
Carol - 'Yeah, I was chuffed with that...you can see I spent more time on the market one though. I can't wait for tomorrow. We're going to be working on one large piece and combining all the techniques we learned today. I'm going to see if lovely husband has any interesting photo's I can use' *goes off to have a rummage*


  1. Brilliant Blog Carol. You and Blog get on so well together! ;) These are fab pieces, what a really interesting artform. I will enjoy seeing how you progress

    1. Thanks lovely. Yeah, Blog and I do get on well...when he's not being cheeky lol.

      I so enjoyed doing them. It's nice to stretch the artistic muscle sometimes and try something new and I'm definitely going to take the techniques I learned and apply them to my own work! C x

  2. OMG, I love those collage pieces!!! I need to do that course - is it running again? Cirencester is within relatively easy reach of me.

    1. Aherm...how is Cirencester within easy reach of you and we've not met up yet!? Shocking state of affairs...one which we will have to remedy in the not to distant!

      It's definitely worth keeping an eye on her FB page and the Brewery Arts website but she will also do workshops for small groups...perhaps we could think about getting together to do one? C x


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