I am a Tonker!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Blog - 'You're a what now?'
Carol - 'A Tonker'
Blog - 'You do know that sounds rude don't you?' *pauses* 'So go on then, what's a Tonker?... If you don't tell me soon I'm going to start making up my own definitions...'
Carol - 'I don't think ANYONE wants to hear those!' *laughs* 'Tonking is a technique where you put oil paint onto a canvas and then rub it off leaving only the pigment. It is named after Sir Arthur Tonks who discovered the technique and it means that you can paint over an area of colour without picking up any of the underneath ones. Given how slowly oil paint drys? That is incredibly useful!'
Blog - 'Yup, I can see how that would be helpful. If you have yellow in your sunset and you want to add blue to create clouds you don't want them ending up green!'
Carol - 'Exactly! And if you make a mistake you can just Tonk off the paint' *looks at Blog* 'Stop sniggering'
Blog - 'I can't help it!'
Carol - *rolls eyes* 'We were asked to create a forest landscape and the background was created using the Tonking technique. I Tonked therefore I am a Tonker' *laughs*
Blog - 'You're not funny you know!'
Carol - *looks at Blog* 'You can be really miserable sometimes'
Blog - 'It's part of my charm!'
Carol - 'You keep telling yourself that!'
Blog - 'Oh I don't need to tell myself...I know!' *winks at Carol*
Carol - 'Moving swiftly on....' *grins* 'Here is my first ever attempt at Tonking'

Carol - 'It's also my first ever attempt at trees using oils and at using a pallet knife!'
Blog - 'I rather like the Tonking effect'
Carol - 'I did too...once I stopped rubbing ALL the paint off! It's actually not as easy to do as it sounds'
Blog - 'What's the brown bit?'
Carol - 'That would be where I ran out of time and didn't get it finished'
Blog - 'That's the best bit!' *laughs*
Carol - *looks at Blog and seriously considers beating him about the head with her paintbrush*
Blog - 'So what else did you do on your course? I'm assuming this is the stuff you did on your course?'
Carol - 'Yes it is. Honestly, I learned sooo much over the two days it's going to take a while to process it all! The Tonking pic was actually the second one we worked on. The first was a seascape using a technique called 'From the darkness into the light'. We painted a very dark sky, added quite thick white paint to create clouds and then used a clean brush to kind of take it back off again. I don't really know how else to describe it! It was very counterintuitive...well, for me anyway...but I was really pleased with how they turned out. Again, it was about learning the technique rather than producing a completed painting so it's not finished. I'm going to attempt to do more work on it later today...hopefully I won't ruin it in the process!'
Blog - 'You can always Tonk off the paint if you don't like it!' *beams at Carol* 'That will NEVER get old'

Blog - 'They actually look like clouds!'
Carol - 'You don't have to sound quite so surprised you know' *laughs*
Blog - 'Have you ever painted clouds before?'
Carol - 'Nope. I've illustrated clouds but never painted them'
Blog - 'Let's see the illustration?'

Blog - 'Yeah...that really couldn't be more different could it!'
Carol - *laughs* 'Nope'.
Blog - 'So did you do anything else?'
Carol - 'Yeah, on day one we did one last painting. We mixed one colour of paint to create a light, medium and dark tone and then had to blend them keeping the different tones but showing no brush strokes. We started by painting a flower with MASSIVE petals and then had to do the blending thing on each one. I kinda lost the will to live half way through it...our tutor Caroline did warn us we would...boy was she right!'
Blog - 'Can I see it?'
Carol - 'It got smudged in the car on the way home'
Blog - 'That's a shame'
Carol - 'I'm not heartbroken about it...I'm going to wait till it's dry and paint over it!'
Blog - 'Hang on...you did three paintings and we're only on day 1 of your course?'
Carol - 'Yup. I'll tell you all about day two later. I'm off to get a coffee...want one?'
Blog - 'Ooooh yes please!'


  1. Blog you are asking me laugh every time I read you! And Carol, awesome job and great concept, loving this. Cxx

    1. OMG Caro...please don't encourage him! He's bad enough as it is! If he thinks he's funny I will NEVER hear the end of it!!

      Thanks love :-D.

      C x

  2. Carol every time I read your blog, I laugh and it cheers me up! I'm not always down in the dumps, you know. Before I read this one, I grabbed a coffee and sat comfortably and was not disappointed! Not only a fantastically humourous read but a very informative one too. Bravo! Xx

    1. Thank you so much for being so lovely about it *beams*. I'm so glad it makes you laugh :-D. It's not easy to write about 'stuff' and make it interesting...having Blog definitely helps with that element (*looks about* but don't tell him I said that!)

      C x

      C x
      (Blog keeps telling me that I'm just talking to myself...I told him that I don't to myself...I talk to him! He told me he doesn't listen to a word I say so I might as well be talking to myself! *rolls eyes*)

  3. Oh my oh my this had me giggling all the way through, i'm with blog twonking sounds rude lol

    1. It really does doesn't it! *laughs* I managed to rise above it but Blog just couldn't help himself! *rolls eyes*

      C x

  4. Hmmm... I did wonder about you being a tonker but I'm relieved you explained it all so succinctly ;-) I really did enjoy your post Carol, learned a new word, and love your clouds.

    1. Hahaha. It does sound a bit dodgy I grant you but all totally innocent!

      Glad you enjoyed it hon.

      C x


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