Thursday, 25 May 2017

Blog - 'Two posts in one month?! Holy crap!'
Carol - 'What can I say? I missed you'
Blog - 'That's cause I'm witty and hilarious'
Carol - 'Well, you're half way to being witty! I'll give you that!' *winks*
Blog - 'You trying to say I'm a half wit?'
Carol - *laughs*
Blog - 'Tsk. My charm is wasted on you. Wasted!' *shakes head*
Carol - *laughs*
Blog - 'You've been painting?'
Carol - 'I have. I've been commissioned to produce one of the largest paintings I've ever done. It's fecking HUGE. 30" by 20"!'
Blog - 'Bloody hell that IS big!'
Carol - 'I know, right! My lovely client really loves the trees I paint with the gold leaf background and has asked me to create a version with cherry blossoms instead'
Blog - 'That sounds interesting. Have you ever painted cherry blossom before?'
Carol - 'Nope. So I'm on a bit of a learning curve.'
Blog - 'I would imagine that's quite fun'
Carol - 'It is. I don't know if other artists work in the same way as me or not, but what I tend to do is work through my ideas by creating a number of smaller paintings. My client wants the blossom to be red and the background to be gold leaf so I started with the blossom first. I soon realised that how I had planned to do it in my head was not going to work cause the blossom came out really pink so I painted the background blue, added silver leaf and sold it.'
Blog - 'I guess that's the big advantage of creating smaller paintings as you figure everything out'
Carol - 'Exactly. And it also means that I'm not wasting anything'
Blog - 'Can I see the painting?'
Carol - 'Of course'

Blog - 'Ahh. I see what you mean about the flowers being pink. It's lovely though'
Carol - 'It looks so lovely when the sun hits it! The shimmer is amazing!'
Blog - 'So is this the only one you have done so far?'
Carol - 'Nope. I decided to fully guild a board with the gold leaf and then paint over the top of it. That's not something I had done before so I gilded it, left it to cure and then put four coats of specialist varnish over it'
Blog - *laughs* 'Left it to cure...was it sick?'
Carol - 'The size used to apply the leaf needs time to cure...' *looks at Blog* 'or harden if you prefer' *sticks out tongue* 'before you then add the varnish otherwise it will stay wet underneath and you don't want that'
Blog - 'Oh I see. Yes, you don't want wet size.' *pauses* 'Blimey. It's like speaking another language!'
Carol - 'You're right! It is like speaking another language' *laughs* 'Anyway, I've just finished it and I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. The blossom is very styalised but that's more in-keeping with the style of the trees and I think it works well. Wanna see?'
Blog - 'Hell yes'

Carol - 'What do you think?'
Blog - 'I really like that! You selling this one now?'
Carol - 'I am. I'm offering it at a discount for those who follow you and who follow me over on FB. It's my way of saying thank you for all the support'
Blog - 'That's cool. So go on...give me the sales pitch'
Carol - 'OK. It is £220 plus P&P and it will be going up to £270 + P&P at the end of next week. It is 30cm wide by 40cm long and is a mixed media piece comprising of acrylic painting and a gold leaf background. It has been created on an Ampersand Gessoboard so will require framing. Personally? I would suggest you use a floating frame as I think it would look very contemporary and rather stunning! It would also enable the gold to shine which is what you want when you buy a piece of art that has gold leaf on it. Oh and I'm happy to be paid in installments if £220 plus P&P is too much all in one go.'
Blog - 'Well done. I know you hate that bit'
Carol - 'I really do. It's the bit I find the hardest'
Blog - 'So are you about to start on the big one?'
Carol - 'No. I've already gilded a canvas so am going to try this style on the canvas to see how it looks. Obviously it will have a texture and I'm not sure whether I want it to or not cause I actually really like how smooth this is.'
Blog - 'I like the smoothness of it too'
Carol - 'Yeah, but doing it on a board means that it would need to be framed and that's an additional cost for the client'
Blog - 'That's true! Are you going to re-create this on canvass then?'
Carol - 'No. I'm also going to have a play with the design and have parts of it like a 'ghost tree'.'
Blog - 'A ghost tree?'
Carol - 'Yeah. I shared a picture of this over on FB when I'd only painted a few blossoms and one of my FB friends said he loved the drawing cause it looked like it had been etched into the gold. I think it might be interesting to paint some of it and leave other areas. If it doesn't work I'll just paint all of it! The point of the piece it to see how it looks with a texture so I've nothing to lose and everything to gain.' *grins*
Blog - 'I shall look forward to seeing how it turns out'
Carol - 'Me too!' *laughs*


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