Friday, 19 May 2017

Carol: *pops head round the door*
Blog: *looks at the title of the post and sings* 'Picture you upon my knee, Just tea for two, And two for tea...' *pat's knee*
Carol: 'I am NOT sitting on your knee'
Blog: *rolls eyes* 'You're no fun anymore'
Carol: 'I have met you remember! If I sit on your knee I will end up on the floor in a crumpled heap with you laughing at me'
Blog: *attempts to look innocent*
Carol: 'You're not fooling anyone you know!'
Blog: *laughs* 'So what's the deal with the tea?'
Carol: 'I went to THE most wonderful tea shop in Bath called The Tea House Emporium. They have pretty much every type of tea you could imagine and I rather fell in love with a Tea called 'Good Morning Sunshine'. It is made from Chinese Sencha green tea, yellow rose buds, flowers of sunflower and marigold, pieces of sandal wood and lemon grass. And it tastes like sunshine!'
Blog: 'You sure it wasn't potpourri you bought?' *sniggers*
Carol: *laughs* 'Funnily enough my friend Ginny asked the same question! No, it was not potpourri...although you could probably use it as such cause not only does it taste amazing it smells amazing too'
Blog: *looks at Carol*
Carol: 'What!? I'm not actually going to use it as potpourri!'
Blog: ....
Carol: 'I'm not!' *rolls eyes* 'Anyway, I was having a chat over on facebook about how fabulous this tea was...'
Blog: 'The dark winter nights must just fly by in your house'
Carol: *looks at Blog* 'And I was inspired to have a go at illustrating it. I even included my FB friends in the illustration.' *beams* 'There they all are on the top of her head'

Blog: 'Actually, I rather like that. It's weird but cheery at the same time'
Carol: 'I made my first print of it yesterday for a client and I am so pleased with how it's turned out. The print looked great!'
Blog: *sings* 'Tea for two, and two for tea...'
Carol: *looks at Blog*
Blog: 'I've now got that stupid song going through my head!'
Carol: *sniggers*

The Sunshine Tea illustration is available to buy over on Etsy


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