2017 Update

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Carol - *pops head round the door* 'Hey you'
Blog - 'CAROL!!' *wraps Carol in a big bear hug* 'How you doing? It's been aaaaages!'
Carol - *looks a bit sheepish* 'Yeah I know. 2017 wasn't the best year for me'
Blog - 'Sometimes things just don't work out quite as planned do they! What happened?'
Carol - 'Without boring the pants off you, cause I know what you're like and I really don't want to see you with no pants on, I had a few health problems which culminated in a hospital stay and a pretty major operation'
Blog - *shocked face*
Carol - 'It wasn't a lot of fun I can tell you and the surgery involved an 8 week recovery period! Still, I finished the GN and...'
Blog - 'Wait! Back up a minute. You finished the GN?' *jaw drops* 'As in finished finished?'
Carol - 'Yup' *beams* 'I completed the whole thing in July, it was sent off to 'them that are in the know about these kind of things' for feedback, and then myself and one of the writers sat down in November and did a full review. The feedback was really useful and, thankfully, very positive but, as expected, there were some changes needed so I knuckled down and got on with them over December. I finally finished the entire thing on Friday the 29th which felt like a really lovely way to end the year!'
Blog - 'I'll bet! So what happens with it now?'
Carol - 'It is now in the very capable hands of the writers. We already have a couple of publishers interested so keep your fingers crossed!'
Blog - *crosses fingers, toes, legs and eyes*
Carol - *laughs* 'I've missed you'
Blog - 'So what else have you been up to?'
Carol - 'To be honest, not a lot! I really struggled with my creativity after the surgery. My lovely friend Helen warned me that that might happen but it was awful and I really worried that I would never want to create anything ever again! She reassured me that it would pass but that was difficult to have faith in whilst I was in the thick of it!'
Blog - 'You really weren't kidding when you said 2017 wasn't a lot of fun were you!'
Carol - 'Nope! The not creating thing got so bad that I was almost paralysed by it! When I finally bullied myself into starting a painting, thinking that if I could just make a start all would be fine, I couldn't believe it when it actually made everything worse! I spent the whole time second guessing myself and I totally lost confidence in my ability to make creative decisions. The really weird thing was that everyone thought it was my best yet!' *shrugs* 'So I just didn't create! I didn't create for months! And then the GN edits came up and for some weird reason working on them wasn't so daunting. The hard graft had already been done so this was just tinkering. And it was actually really nice working with the characters again...it felt a bit like meeting up with old friends.'
Blog - 'You really are weird you know that?'
Carol - *laughs* 'You wouldn't have me any other way!'
Blog - 'You keep telling yourself that!'
Carol - 'I will! Anyway, the edits went really well and by the time I got to creating the final chapter I didn't even stop to think 'I might not be able to do this' I just went ahead and did it. Working on the GN revisions definitely got me over my creative hump and I will be forever grateful to it for that'
Blog - *sniggers*
Carol - 'What are you sniggering about?'
Blog - 'Creative hump'
Carol - *rolls eyes*

The 'OMG I can't do this anymore' Painting of 2017.
How's that for a catchy title? lol


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