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Friday, 26 January 2018

Carol - *singing* 'I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it...'
Blog - *mock horror* 'Please don't tell me you WANT me!!'
Carol - 'Oh dear lord no!' *laughs*
Blog - 'Thank god for that!' *winks*
Carol - 'I'm excited because I won a competition!' *does happy dance*
Blog - *watches Carol dancing* 'You seriously need to work on your moves! What competition?'
Carol - 'Remember I told you that I had bought a planner which had been put together by The Design Trust called Dream Plan Do?'
Blog - 'Yeah'
Carol - 'Well, Patricia van den Akker, the driving force behind The Design Trust who has over 20 years experience helping creatives run successful businesses, invited people already using the planner to send her our juicy goal for this year along with 10 SMART actions that we were going to do to achieve it. The idea was that she would then go through them all and pick one person to join her Dream Plan Do VIP group. I nearly didn't bother entering cause I thought 'there is no way she's going to pick me' but I gave myself a telling off and entered anyway. She only went and e-mailed me yesterday to tell me I'd won!'
Blog - 'Ooohh that is awesome!'
Carol - 'It really is! She said "We had 32 people responding with loads of great ideas and plans. Carol stood out as she has got a big plan for this year to work towards a big exhibition, and had very clear actions including marketing, pricing, website and more. Really comprehensive but also bold and realistic at the same time". It proves that I am on the right track and that has given me a HUGE confidence boost!'
Blog - 'So, what does Dream Plan Do VIP actually mean for you?'
Carol - 'It means that every month I have access to two hours of online training with Patricia based on that month's topic. The first session goes into the topic in more depth and the second is a 'clinic' to review up to 4 members plans and goals. It really is an amazing opportunity to ask questions to someone in the know and to stay on track! It also means that I have access to an online community of creatives who I can learn from, share resources with AND I will get an accountability partner.' 
Blog - 'I am so pleased for you. That sounds brilliant' *beams*
Carol - 'I am a bit pleased for me too.' *beams back*...*looks round* 'Blog. What IS that big mound of stuff over there?'
Blog - *looks a bit shifty* 'Erm....'
Carol - 'Did you just shove all your junk into a corner and cover it up with a old duvet cover?'
Blog - 'Maybe'
Carol - *despairs* 'You can't leave it like that! Come on, I'll help you sort through it all'


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