New Year - New Affordable Art Range!

Monday, 15 January 2018

Carol - *ducks as piece of cardboard goes flying past her head* 'What the...?' *looks through door to see Blog's bum in the air and chaos everywhere* 'What ARE you doing?'
Blog - 'Huh' *emerges from pile of stuff* 'Oh. Hi. I thought I heard something'
Carol - 'What are you doing? You only narrowly missed my head with that cardboard'
Blog - 'Sorry. I decided to spring clean' *looks at mess* 'It may have got a bit out of hand'
Carol - 'You can say that again!'
Blog - 'It may have got a bit out of hand' *grins*
Carol - *sigh* 'I thought I would come round and show you what I've been working on. I have a new range'
Blog - *frowns at headless action man in his hand and throws it over his shoulder* 'I would love to see. Anything is better than cleaning!'

Carol - 'This 12" by 12" work is comprised of four separate 6" by 6" pieces. Each piece can be moved round to create a final image that is as unique as the person who has bought it. I won't show you all the variations but you get the idea'

Blog - 'These are cool. I really like the fact that you can move each section around till you have a version of the painting that works for you. It means that the buyer can be creative with your work.'
Carol - 'Exactly! AND you don't have to buy all four. You could buy one and frame it.'

'You could buy two, frame them both individually and hang them together or put them both in one frame to create one piece.'

'Or you could buy three, frame them all individually and hang them in a group or put two in one frame and hang the third separately.'

Or you could buy all four and put them together like I showed you earlier...the options are almost endless!'
Blog - 'It is a good idea. Am liking your lifestyle pics...they are a bit snazzy aren't they!'
Carol - *laughs* 'I am determined to really focus on my paintings this year so I'm going to be using these as a starting point and building on them. And I've already signed up for a 12 week intensive painting course which starts in February. The course covers composition, understanding line, colour & drawing, concepts & ideas, working in your own style and starting a series of paintings (including making a canvas and working with mood boards). It sounds full on but I'm excited about it...and slightly terrified too!' *laughs*
Blog - 'Excited and terrified is good. It means that you are probably on the right track!'
Carol - 'I've written it all down in my planner.'
Blog - *jaw drops* 'You bought a planner?'
Carol - *laughs* 'Yeah, I should probably have suggested you sit down before telling you that. It's called dream plan do and it's been put together by The Design Trust. I'm hoping that it will help me be a lot more focused and organised this year.'
Blog - *looks around* 'Perhaps I need one of those to help me get more organised'
Carol - *looks around too* 'I think you just need a skip!'


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