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<---- That's my house :-D. Look...there I am in the bottom window when I was a baby (1, 2, 3... Awww). There I am again in the middle window when I was about 5 (Just look at those blonde curls!) and there's me again in the top window as I am now...slaving over my drawing desk!

I'm Scottish (A Weegie in case you were wondering) and I live in Wiltshire with my lovely husband and two splats (cats who splat on the floor demanding lots of attention the minute you walk into a room).

Things I love - gin, books, cats, drawing, painting, chocolate, wine, music and my lovely husband :-)

Things I hate - Those frilly things that people put on the top of jam jars! Why do they do that?

I have a Masters Degree in Social Research (I am a bit of a research nerd...but don't tell anyone!) who, whilst still relatively sensible, worked in the charity sector for many years. I'm not sensible anymore and now I earn my living drawing and painting things. (Yup, things is totally the technical term!).

If you would like a 'thing' drawn or painted then get in touch. I specialise in quirky line drawings, acrylic paintings which often feature gold, silver or copper leaf (THE most fiddly thing to work with EVER and which usually ends up on me, the curtains, the cat....) and fully personalised illustrated Tree of Life/Family Tree/Family Home pieces.

(Click on the links to see examples)


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